Disposable PPE

Disposable Glove Dispenser

£10.25£15.00 ex VAT

These glove dispenser racks are made of plastic and can be wall mounted to ensure that the gloves can be stored and dispensed in a hygienic manner.

Latex Gloves

£5.50£5.95 ex VAT

Latex powder free disposable gloves. Made from natural latex with a textured finish for improved grip. Conforms to EN1186, EN374-2 and EN374-3. Box of 100.

Nitrile Gloves

£5.75£6.95 ex VAT

Blue Nitrile gloves offer protection against contamination, dirt and potential irritants in low-risk situations. Powder-free, reducing the risk of product contamination. Conforms to EN1186 making them suitable for food contact. Box of 100.

Vinyl Gloves

£5.15£5.95 ex VAT

Vinyl powdered disposable gloves. No latex proteins. Protects against contamination, dirt and potential irritants in low risk situations. Food contact approved. Conforms to EN1186. Box of 100.

First Aid

500ml Eye Wash Station

£11.50 ex VAT

This high visibility eye wash station is capable of holding 2 x 500ml sterile saline solution eye wash bottles.


Emergency Burns Kit

£28.50 ex VAT

Comprehensive First Aid Kit for treating burns. 1 x Guidance Leaflet 1 x Large Burns Dressing 1 x Medium Dressing 15 x Burnblot Sachets 1 x Pair Toughcut Scissors 1 x Pair Disposable Gloves 2 x Large Sterile Dressings 1 x Roll Surgical Tape 6 x Safety Pins


Insect Repellent for Skin

£11.90 ex VAT

The easy to apply and alcohol free pump spray, has been specifically developed to protect against midges, wasps, mosquitoes, bees and horseflies.


Lone Worker First Aid Kit

£12.50£15.50 ex VAT

1 x Guidance Leaflet 6 x Washproof Plasters 2 x Triangular Bandages 1 x Sterile Dressing 4 x Moist Wipes 1 x Pair Disposable Gloves 6 x Safety pins

Malibu Suncream

£4.50 ex VAT

200ml Suncream pouch with free clip on carry bag. SPF 30 – Cuts out 96.7% UV rays


Protector FCIK Flying & Crawling Insect Killer

£14.95 ex VAT

Protector FCIK is an instant kill aerosol to spray on cluster flies in a loft, attic or roof space. Simply spray the flies when visible and eliminate the problem.

The aerosol can also be applied to windowsills and other areas to act as a protective barrier, any flies landing on the spray will ingest the spray and be eliminated. Up to 6 weeks of protection in one spray!


Protective Gloves

Hercule Glove

£4.25 ex VAT

Seamless knitted glove. Cold protection. 3/4 nitrile foamcoated on palm, fingers and half back. EN388.


HexArmor GGT5 Mud Glove

£42.00 ex VAT

Made with super fabric brand material for the highest cut resistance available on the market. Cut level 5 in noted areas. EN388.


Rigger Glove

£2.25 ex VAT

Standard chrome rigger glove, leather palm with stripped cotton back, reinforced cuff for additional protection. One size.


Volcano Glove

£19.95 ex VAT

100% kevlar extra heavyweight gauntlet with heavyweight cotton inner lining. Provides excellent protection against heat. EN388. 32cm. One size.


Eye Protection

Knee Protection

Head & Ear Protection

Ear Defenders

£6.75 ex VAT

Lightweight ear defenders with polystyrene and synthetic foam cups. EN352.


Safety Helmet

£3.85 ex VAT

UV resistant, high density, polypropylene safety helmet. 6 point webbed harness with fully adjustable slip ratchet headband. EN397 standard.

Face Masks

Force 8 Half Mask

£9.85£19.40 ex VAT

Twin cartridge half mask, offers superior low breathing resistance with a 4 point suspension harness with quick release buckles. Various different protection available on request.

Moulded Disposable Mask Valved FFP1 Protection

£13.95 ex VAT

These SCAN FPP1 Premier Valved Disposable Masks are designed to cover the nose, mouth and chin. The construction is made of the filter material itself and the valve makes breathing easier.

Technical Specs

FPP1 Protection
Protect from particles above 5 microns
Conforms to EN149:2001 and A1:2009

PK 10

P1 Valved Dust Mask

£13.85 ex VAT

FFP1 disposable mask with exhalation valve for improved wearer comfort. Protection against non-toxic solid and water based aerosols. EN149.

Pack of 20

P2 Valved Dust/Mist Mask

£9.95 ex VAT

FFP2 disposable mask with exhalation valve for improved wearer comfort. Protection against non-toxic low to average toxicity solid and water based aerosols. EN149.

Pack of 10

P3 Valved Dust/Mist/Fume Mask

£15.90 ex VAT

FFP3 premium disposable mask with exhalation valve for improved wearer comfort. Protection against high toxicity solid and water based aerosols. Ideal for use against metal dust. EN149.

Pack of 5