Hand Cleaners

Barrier Cream

£12.45£19.95 ex VAT

Medicated barrier cream which gives protection whilst replenishing the skin, a thick pink cream which helps prevent dermatitis.

Buster Extra

£12.95£16.30 ex VAT

Engineers hand cleaner with scrubbing beads and citrus oils, contains poly-beads for extra cleaning power. Suitable for oil, grease, grime and many paints. Orange scented. Combi contains a dispenser pump.

Care 4

£13.20£21.15 ex VAT

Replenishing cream, designed to recondition the skin at the end of the working day.


£13.00£18.00 ex VAT

2 in 1 cleansing and conditioning action. It removes emulsion, gloss, alkyd and acrylics. Also many inks oils and general soiling. Combi contains dispenser pump.



£9.95£20.40 ex VAT

Non rinse skin cleanser, designed for use in areas where water is not readily available. Inasec liquifies dirt and grime, which requires only to be wiped away with a clean cloth or paper.

Window Squeegees & Wash Applicators

ErgoTec Pouch

£15.65 ex VAT

3 compartments for cloths, wet & dry cloths are separated. Front compartment lockable with velcro. 30 x 37cm.


ErgoTec Squeegee

£4.30£11.25 ex VAT

Brushed stainless channel with spring mechanism for easy blade changing, squeegee handle has a non slip, bi-component ergonomic grip.

Unger Stingray Cleaning Kits

£37.20£262.00 ex VAT

Cleans windows 25% faster and uses up to 39% less chemicals than traditional methods. The enclosed spray nozzle prevents over-spraying and minimises waste and airborne chemicals.

It’s Lint free, easy glide microfiber Tri-Pad, collects dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt. Push Button Simplicity – Effortlessly apply glass cleaner at the push of a button at any height. Get professional results with minimal training. Working height 2m.


£47.00 ex VAT

Can be adapted to specific cleaning tasks. Vast and clear storage possibilities. Navy in colour, canvas material. 150cm.


Window Scrapers

Long Hand Scraper

£3.65£13.15 ex VAT

Strong & durable to deliver a clean scraping action for removing stubborn marks, grime and even paint splashes.

Safety Scraper

£1.85£2.10 ex VAT

Pocket size holder, blade retracts into holder for safety when not in use. Not supplied with blades.

Ladders & Steps

Multi-Purpose Ladder

£125.00 ex VAT

4 Section hinged, can be used in various configurations. Including straight ladder, step ladder, stair ladder & platforms.


Step Stool

£43.65 ex VAT

Structural plastic with retractable wheels. Anti-skid base. H34 x W34 x D34 cm.


Graffiti Removers

Anti-Graffiti Tool Box

£78.50 ex VAT

Includes: Full Power & Plastic Safe Aerosol, Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover Trigger, Graffiti XXX, Safety Goggles, Pair of PVC Gloves, Scouring Pads, Wall Scraper, Chemical Resistant Brush.


Full Power

£6.95£89.95 ex VAT

Designed for use on porous surfaces. Full Power breaks up the graffiti without dissolving it, enabling the flakes of paint to be removed using a pressure washer, without leaving any ghosting. Not suitable for use on plastics and polycarbonates.

Ghost Off

£35.00 ex VAT

A trace and ghost remover which is designed to remove any ghosting that is left.


Graffiti Wipes

£15.00£60.00 ex VAT

Wet wipe for removing paint and graffiti off flat non-porous surfaces. This wipe can help you clean up in almost any environment from bus stops and office premises to trains and buses. These moist wipes require no additional liquids as the unique patented powerful alcohol based cleaning solution helps clear all forms of graffiti and marks leaving all surfaces clean and graffiti free. 150 wipes per tub.

Graffiti XXX

£44.50£78.00 ex VAT

Solvent based product with a low odour. Rapidly dissolves all types of graffiti.

Plastic Safe

£57.45 ex VAT

Designed to remove paint from painted surfaces, can be used on plastics, laminates and polycarbonates.

12 x 500ml Aerosol

Plastic Safe Trigger

£51.00 ex VAT

A formula which safely and effectively removes graffiti from plastic and polycarbonate surfaces without damaging them. The surfactant system allows a unique ‘wash off’ rinse away property which will prevent residual waste build-up on the surface.

6 x 750ml

Power Off

£152.80 ex VAT

An anti-graffiti sacrificial coating. It is an easy to use water-based emulsion. On wet or dry walls it is simply sprayed or painted on. Once dry it protects porous stone, brick or breezeblock from spray paint or ink.


Spraycan Graffiti Remover

£82.75 ex VAT

Designed for the removal of aerosol spraycan graffiti from all porous surfaces. To be used in conjuction with a pressure washer.


White Board Cleaner

£6.00 ex VAT

Ideal for cleaning and rejuvenating white board surfaces. Removes writing, stains, grease and grime.


Car Valeting


£22.10 ex VAT

A tyre and rubber dressing that brings tyres and textured bumpers back to a new look finish with a high gloss.


B-Kleen Extra

£8.75 ex VAT

Upholstery and interior cleaner, removes grease, oil & nicotine. Brightens fabric and restores colour.


De Icer

£34.25 ex VAT

Advanced formula to quickly clear frost and ice from windscreens & windows.

12 x 400ml

Formula 2000

£17.80 ex VAT

A high quality car polish containing waxes and silicones for use on new and nearly new vehicles.


Formula 4000

£19.60 ex VAT

Used car polish with a high cut formula for the renovation of faded automotive paint work.



£25.35 ex VAT

Renovater for plastic, vinyl & rubber. Restores sheen to interior trim. Raven enhances and darkens the appearance.



£7.95£36.25 ex VAT

Screenwash additive, leaves a streak-free finish, effective below 0OC.

Sham Cham

£2.60 ex VAT

Strong synthetic wash-leather for multi-purpose use on windows and glass. 36 x 50cm.


Silicone Spray

£33.10 ex VAT

multi-purpose lubricant and polish for metals, plastics and other hard surfaces. Prevents squeeks and provides high gloss.

12 x 480ml

TFR Super

£13.50£235.00 ex VAT

A powerful alkaline cleaner for use through a pressure washer. Suitable for removing heavy layers of traffic film, diesel fumes & dirt.

Trim Shine

£12.00£19.60 ex VAT

Clean and shine polish with a pleasant fragrance for interiors such as sealed wood trim, plastics, rubber, mirrors & paintwork.

Wash & Wax

£10.50£29.10 ex VAT

A neutral shampoo with wax that gives paintwork a sparkling finish.

Industrial Chemicals

Acid Safe

£13.20£34.50 ex VAT

Extra strength acidic cleaner hydrochloric acid based. Powerful descaler and deep cleaner. Not suitable for stainless steel.

Clensit Cherry

£22.50£72.50 ex VAT

High strength Brick acid, brickwork cleaner, masonry cleaner & facework renovator. Cherry fragrance.

EcoSolve Orange

£18.25£66.00 ex VAT

Citrus based cleaner and degreaser, fast acting removes stubborn soiling including diesel oil, food oil, fats, grease, body fat, mineral oil, traffic film and rubber.


£11.50£18.60 ex VAT

A ready-to-use cleaner that removes industrial soils and grease.

Power 2000

£18.50£68.00 ex VAT

Powerful cleaner and degreaser concentrate. Ideal for removing grease, industrial oils, fats, dirt, blood and food oils on a multitude of surfaces. Excellent on Safety Flooring. Food safe.

Steriquat 816

£15.95 ex VAT

This is a Q.A.C based sanitiser recommended for removing moss from rubber play area tiles and concrete.



£21.50£68.50 ex VAT

High strength Brick acid, brickwork cleaner, masonry cleaner & facework renovator.


4×4 Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes

£10.07£14.99 ex VAT

Dual-sided ‘scrub & clean’, industrial strength, antibacterial, heavy-duty cleaning wipes with Quad Fabric, ideal for use on the toughest stains and most ingrained dirt. Heavy-Duty wipes offer the perfect fabric combination.

1 x Tub


£16.50 ex VAT

Versatile hand drying and wiping system. The centre core is removed to offer a continuous steam of paper through the dispenser. 6 rolls per case.

Forecourt Bumper Rolls

£24.95 ex VAT

Strong structure protects when wiping uneven and sharp surfaces. Very good absorption of oils and removal of greases.

Case of 2

GrimEez Heavy Duty

£5.25£50.00 ex VAT

Heavy duty abrasive wet hand wipe. For cleaning hands and surfaces. Tough on grease and grime. 50 wipes per tub.

Hard Surface Wipes

£6.25£57.50 ex VAT

An Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral wet wipe suitable for sanitising all hard surfaces used predominantly within the food and healthcare sector. 150 wipes per tub.

Stockinette Roll

£4.10 ex VAT

Cotton Roll. An excellent low cost all round, wiping, absorbing and polishing cloth. 800g.


Wypall 7775 Cleaning Wipes

£87.00 ex VAT

A portable, pre-soaked, wiper that cleans and protects, with a rough side to scrub off dirt and a smooth side to clean and finish.
A centrefeed wiper system in a quick-loading, easy-clean unit that dispenses individual wipers one at a time to reduce waste while maintaining hygiene, especially in busy areas.

6 x 90 Pack